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E3.series Data Management

Component Search

E3.series includes enhanced part selection through improved component search, allowing users to search for parts in a number of ways. This functionality has been improved to provide advanced visual preview and configurable attribute search and listing.

Users can examine multiple views of the part (e.g. both schematic and panel), define favourites, and configure display fields to speed up their part searching process. 

Engineering data management Platform Suite (EPS)
The Engineering Platform Suite (EPS) within Zuken’s PLMready solution provides all relevant modules for electronics and electrical engineering. This solution is based upon an object-relational database with all modules feeding back to the same central database.

Version & Revision Management
Zuken’s Version & Revision Management solution enables the explicit definition and tracking of object versions together with the controlled progression of changes through the development life-cycle. For development departments, this ensures that relevant changes are consistently highlighted and then distributed to all consuming models that require the change.

Change Management
Change Management support across the engineering process enables users to communicate individually with related teams, projects, designs, components or even across disciplines. It closes the loop on workflows by automatically notifying the relevant people, technologists or change groups and then provides them with acknowledgement and confirmation of the receipt of changes.

History Management
Multiple concurrent changes during the individual lifecycle of products and featured components can frequently require management at both the component and product level; recognising that different products and components may have their own independent development life cycles while having interdependencies at the same time. All changes have to be tracked and the transparency of this helps users to understand the lifecycle and its history (changes over time).

Analysis & Verification
For many, change management activities have become a nightmare. Keeping track of the incoming daily change notifications from various departments, external and internal suppliers, supporting design offices and the related updating process of the associated projects is very difficult to manage.

Zuken PDM Adapter (ERP/PLM Integration)
Where a PDM system is already in place and well established the E³.series can be integrated directly. Some of these integrations are already available through proven standard product integrations. 
  • Oracle Agile
  • SAP/R3
  • Dassault SmarTeam
  • Siemens PLM Teamcenter