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E3.WireWorks: Electrical and Fluid Engineering for SolidWorks Users

E3.WireWorks is a Windows-based, modular, scalable and easy-to-learn system for engineering design of wiring, harnesses, cable assemblies, control panel, hydraulics and pneumatics. Together with SolidWorks Premium Routing tools, E3.WireWorks is a complete solution for the design engineer from design concept through physical realisation and manufacturing output. E3.WireWorks is designed to work out-of-the-box with SolidWorks Premium Routing and SolidWorks PDM Enterprise.

The latest release of E3.WireWorks, E3.WireWorks Unified now uses native E3.series files and provides users with access to modules that were previously only available in E3.series. E3.WireWorks users join Zuken’s E3.series global license community of more than 25,000.

Essential Functions

  • Multi-view project file.
  • Projects contain all aspects of your design (schematics, cable plans, control panels, formboards and fluid detail). All dynamically linked; a change in one is automatically reflected in all.
  • Electrically-aware part library.
  • Intelligent part libraries help drive the design with automatic part selection and real-time checks to prevent errors.
  • Real-time design rule checks (DRC).
  • ECAD engine designed by EEs for EEs with built in real-time DRCs. Prevent errors rather than find them later.
  • SolidWorks integration.
  • Collaborative design for harness and fluid engineering with SolidWorks Routing and P&ID functionality.
  • SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Integration.
  • Data and bill of material management with Enterprise PDM.
  • Part of Zuken’s E3.series software suite.
  • Stable and proven technology, used by thousands globally.
  • Can be used in combination with SolidWorks or standalone. 
Available Configurations
E3.WireWorks is available in three configurations to suit all your electrical and fluid design needs, with two additional options to address automation and manufacturing.
Schematic and Panel
Schematic, Cable and Panel

Which configuration do I need?


  • Suitable if your projects only include schematic layouts and don’t require diagrams and documentation of physical control panels or wire harnesses.
  • Office contains: Schematic


  • Suitable if your projects contain physical panel / cabinet layout diagrams.
  • Professional contains: Schematic and Panel 

Additional option for Professional:

  • Autoroute: If you want to auto-route the conductors in your panel and calculate the total amount of wiring, then you will require the optional ‘Autoroute module’ within E³.panel.


  • Suitable if your projects contain un-scaled cable / wire harness diagrams.
  • Premium contains: Schematic, Cable and Panel 

Additional options for Premium:

  • Autoroute: If you want to auto-route the conductors in your panel and calculate the total amount of wiring, then you will require the optional ‘Autoroute module’ within E3.panel.
  • Formboard: If you need to create 1-1 scaled wire harness drawings, then you will require the optional ‘Formboard module’.