Partnering with world-class technology developer Zuken, our clients span industries from microelectronics to industrial power systems.
Zuken electrical/electronic CAD is the only fully associative, object oriented design tool that integrates fully into all mechanical systems. 

Smart Features

PowerJump Technologies Australasia is a rapidly evolving consultancy in the field of ECAD/EDA.

Electrical and Wire Harness Design

Electrical CAD software has come of age with Zuken’s E3.series. This modular tool meets and exceeds the demands placed on it by a variety of disciplines: Design and documentation of control systems and panel layouts

CAD Training

PowerJump’s commitment to our client’s success is at the forefront of the education plan we establish for new or experienced users of our software. Customers who receive training from our exceptional staff, recognize immediate return on investment through higher efficiency by utilizing the tools to their fullest capacity.

Technical Support

PowerJump understands the needs of our clients before the software is purchased. This knowledge enhances our ability to define a support plan that fits the scope of our customers environment and exceeds expectations every time.

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About Roofplan

Who We Are

PowerJump is a provider of world-class technologies for design and manufacture of electrical, electronic, pneumatic and fluid systems. Staffed by mechanical and electrical CAD/PLM specialists, we operate hand in glove with our customers to deliver increased capability and efficiency in the creation of power systems.

Mission Statement

Conciseness: A good mission statement is short and to the point, making it easy to remember and understand.
Specificity: It clearly defines the unique services and offerings of the company.
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What is Our Core Values

Excellence and Quality: A commitment to achieving high-quality results and continuous improvement.
Inclusion and Diversity: Valuing diverse ideas and people, contributing to a more effective and dynamic work environment.

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Quality Services

Excelling in Custom Electronic Solutions

The Cornerstones of Our Innovation

System Integration Expertise

Responsive Technical Assistance

Innovative Software Applications

The Cornerstones of Our Innovation

Explore our world-class suite of software solutions and engineering resources tailored for excellence in electronic and electrical design. PowerJump Technologies is your partner for success, offering the robust Zuken E3.series for unparalleled circuit and system design. We empower your projects with expert training, comprehensive tech support, and best-in-class software solutions that drive innovation and operational efficiency.

Dive into our ecosystem of advanced tools and services designed to elevate your engineering capabilities to new heights.

The Pillars of Progress

  • Innovation
  • Expertise
  • Partnership
  • Education
  • Support
  • Excellence
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Precision
  • Integration

System Integration Expertise

The majority of roof repair services simply deal with the visible parts of the roof. We go above and above at Services, performing a full evaluation of the decking beneath your shingles, as well as an attic ventilation and insulation assessment. Our goal is to ensure that your roof is breathing properly and that conditioned air stays where it belongs

Typically, a roof repair focuses on a specific issue that arises. Before they become costly problems, a Roof Tune-Up tackles several of the most frequent roofing difficulties.

  • Resealing exposed nail heads
  • Resealing plumbing vents
  • Secure loose flashings
  • Secure loose flashings (step/apron)

Responsive Technical Assistance

Not every roofing problem necessitates a whole roof replacement. Individual shingles damaged by high winds or fallen branches are frequently requested by Maryland residents. We also inspect the wood decking beneath your shingles to ensure that water intrusion hasn't caused any extra damage.

Work Process

 If this type of damage is discovered during an inspection, our experienced craftsmen will cut off the decaying section and replace it with fresh material to extend the life of the structure.

We understand that your home is one of your most valuable possessions. As a result, only the most skilled hands are permitted to operate on it. We are a roof repair company with a proven track record of excellent craftsmanship and customer service.

Innovative Software Applications

A roof substitution may be a critical venture, but we all know that nothing ensures your domestic from the components very like a roof. The normal life expectancy of a shingle roof in Georgia is 18-25 a long time. Once you choose to replace your roof, one of the foremost imperative steps is to discover the correct temporary worker.
In any case, it’s too vital to recognize that roof substitutions are sold as total frameworks. Your roof is more than fair the best layer. In expansion to the shingles, here are the

Key Components of a Roof Replacement

  • The Deck
  • Underlayment
  • Flashing
  • Ventilation
  • Drip Edge
  • Starter Strips
  • Fascia
  • Soffit
  • Ice and Water Shield

Why Choose Us

Innovative and powerful electronic & electrical design solutions

The Partner For Success
The Partner For Success

Innovative Solutions

Zuken E3.series
Zuken E3.series

Success Partner

Ensuring Longevity
Ensuring Longevity

Engineering Excellence

Tech Support
Tech Support

Supportive Tech


What Our Client Say About PowerJump Technology

E3.series 2019 marks another milestone in the continuous evolution of Zuken’s easy to- use, yet powerful electrical and fluid engineering tools for advanced design-to-manufacture in the machinery, transportation and automation sectors.

What's New in E3.series 2019 !

How It’s Work

Comprehensive Industry-Specific Solutions



Automobiles are among the most advanced and complex electronics products on the market, with as many as 70 electronic control units (ECUs) and 2,000 cables connecting in-vehicle modules. Through years of close partnership with our automotive customers, we have the experience to understand individual requirements and the expertise and technology to implement a tailored solution.



Electrical design projects in the defence & aerospace industries are often large and highly complex, involving numerous design iterations. They also require strict access control. E3.series is used in numerous defence & aerospace companies for documenting and detailing electrical systems, wire harnesses and fluid designs. Its flexibility supports the whole design process and its unique architecture ensures that all stages and fully synchronised.



Electrical design projects in the defence & aerospace industries are often large and highly complex, involving numerous design iterations. They also require strict access control. E3.series is used in numerous defence & aerospace companies for documenting and detailing electrical systems, wire harnesses and fluid designs. Its flexibility supports the whole design process and its unique architecture ensures that all stages and fully synchronised.


Special Vehicles

Off-highway or special vehicles are the modern-day work horses often involved in safety or time-critical operations. The industry is diverse, agricultural, construction, & public service vehicles all have their own challenges faced by electrical and fluid engineers. E3.series have been adopted by hundreds of special vehicles OEMs who appreciate its design process flexibility and ability to integrate with existing processes.


Special Purpose Machinery

Machinery and automation are among the most important innovation drivers in our economy. Securing and developing a competitive edge for companies in these industries requires continuous growth of the industry’s R&D capabilities. Electrical & electronic engineering play a pivotal role in this, and there is arguably no other vendor who has a more comprehensive understanding of these specific requirements than PowerJump.


Consumer Appliances

For manufacturers to react to individual consumer requirements quickly and flexibly, they need product architectures that support configuration and customisation from the outset. This means meeting a number of conditions from the outset in product development. With our CAD and data management products PowerJump is in a unique position to provide a valuable contribution to an integral, end-to-end solution to support a best-practice approach to product development.

Asked Question

Asked Questions

Welcome, Here, you can find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our roofing services. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

  • Q. What is PowerJump Technologies and what services do you offer?

    PowerJump Technologies specializes in ECAD/EDA consultancy and provides a range of services including software solutions, customized consultancy, training, technical support, system integration, industry-specific customization, and system optimization.

  • Q. Which industries do your services cater to?

    Our services are tailored for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, special vehicles, machinery, and consumer appliances.

  • Q.What makes Zuken's E3.series suitable for my business?

    Zuken's E3.series is a versatile electrical CAD tool designed to meet the complex requirements of various industries, offering flexibility, efficiency, and integration capabilities.