E3.series supports a wide range of standard input and output formats.

The modules within E3.series span many different disciplines and industries, ranging from applications in machinery and vehicles through to electronic system design. 

Allowing you to describe the whole assembly of a product with details relating to the mechanical parts, control software, integration into the development process and other systems, the E3.series offers a vast array of possibilities that supporting many standard input and output formats.

Free Viewer
E3.view allows you to distribute E3.series projects as original data. This ensures accurate exchange of data with production, service, suppliers and customers, while providing powerful E3.series functionality, e.g. Search, Jump, Device Properties.

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Standard I/O Formats
The bi-directional programming interface provides you with access to the object-oriented database.

The standard interfaces make it possible to import and export multiple data formats:

  • PDF
  • SVG
  • DGN
  • CGM
  • VRML
  • STEP AP203/214
  • STEP AP212/KBL and STEP AP212/ELOG

E3.series accepts data from other ECAD systems and is easy to integrate into your existing design environment, with PDM, ERP or 3D M-CAD systems.