Optimised product development requires a data flow that includes manufacturing. To optimise product development it is necessary to define a data flow to span all design stages. In particular manufacturing data is very important, as the integration of manufacturing within the design process is a logical step to shorten product development cycles.

Reports User-defined reports enable you to generate report material that includes any types of data stored in E3.series.  The generation of user-defined reports for manufacturing is simple. Any data stored in E3.series can be turned into any format of report, as defined by the user.

Terminal Configuration Many suppliers of electrical components are offering additional software tools, from electronic component catalogs to terminal configuration programs which are able to build or verify terminal strip configurations. Within E3.series these terminal strips can be ordered and used as pre-assembled parts.

PLC Integration In PLC programming systems, locations and comments for the PLC input and outputs are defined. By integrating the programming systems with E3.series, this information can be exchanged in both directions. This means that you the user can minimise data accuracy mistakes in the design process.

Automatic Wire Numbering E3.series enables you to configure the wire numbers in the project based on circuit functionality and signal classification. The utility is also configurable for a number of additional industries, including machinery, rail and power.
Integration Marking / Labeling Systems E3.series allows you to including labelling information for all objects, which can be printed directly onto labels from E3.series. The output can also be generated using specific labelling systems that support various output peripherals, including engraving systems. NC Drilling & Milling
For the production of cabinets, additional information for drilling and milling machines is required. All necessary details relating to the position, size and outline of drill holes or breakout areas can be defined within E3.series at the object level.
For regulating the drilling and milling machines a control file is generated with all control system information, this is then read by the control system software – a process that goes great lengths to help optimise the production process.
Strip, Cut & Mark Machines For the production of single wires for the wiring of electrical cabinets, or for the production of wire harnesses; the labelling information, the wire length and additional production information can be output. The control system software of the production machine reads this order file and optimises the production of the wires. The predefined E3.series settings for labelling, wire stripping or crimping of pin terminals can be overwritten.