Enables creation of the physical representation of cabinets.
The physical representation of cabinets can be designed and developed using E3.panel. This offers a unique and easy-to-use solution for panel layout and wiring. E3.panel is an add-on option to E3.schematic or E3.cable with complete online integration. The 3D information of the cabinet and the components illustrates exact placement and routing of the wires. With the unique 3D-Panel module integrated in E3.series, it is possible to work alternatively using 2D or 3D mode. The 3D-Toolbar simplifies the representation, placement and navigation in 3D. The user can switch to the best representation in the same window by pressing a single key. E³.panel offers all necessary functions for the electrical engineer, like place, move, and automatic wiring in 2D and 3D as well. Create an additional 2D view by selecting a plan in 3D at the press of a button. E3.panel offers all necessary functions for cabinet layout and routing. E3.panel uses the standard E³.series component library. All determined data can be reused for production, such as labelling, manufacturing cables, drilling, milling and user-defined reports.
  • Online synchronisation with E3.schematic / E3.cable
  • Complete component definitions (dimensioning, pins, accessories)
  • Automatic and interactive placement with online checks
  • Interactive and automatic routing of wires
  • Wire length calculations and dynamic dimensioning
  • Cable duct fill calculations with graphical display
  • Integration with automatic wiring, drilling and milling machines
  • The panel drawing is like all E3.series documents, always correct. Regardless of where a modification may have been made, everything is synchronised online.