E3.series modules are available to cover the physical part of electrical development.
In addition to the core module E3.schematic, there are many other modules within the  E3.series which cover the physical areas of the electrical development.  These options are part of the E3.series system kernel and have therefore identical system architecture. The object-oriented system kernel allows you to create new workflows for more effective product development. Changes can be made in all E3.series documents at any time.  This results in higher document quality while simultaneously reducing the number of errors.

Cabinet Layout The physical representation of cabinets can be designed and developed using E3.panel. This offers a unique and easy-to-use solution for panel layout and wiring. E3.panel is an add-on option to E3.schematic or E3.cable with complete online integration. The 3D information of the cabinet and the components illustrates exact placement and routing of the wires.

Nailboard Design To support the custom wire and cable harness market, the E3.series offers E3.formboard. This additional E3.series integrated module has been designed for the creation of nailboard displays required in producing wire and cable harnesses. For the manufacturing of wire harnesses a scaled 1:1 drawing is necessary. The Formboard drawing is used to create the harness and to fix the individual branches.

Connector Handling E3.series includes fully automated connector pin terminal handling. Any modification to the wire gauge will result in automatic selection of the correct connector pin terminal; regardless of where changes are made in the design flow.
Table driven design E3.series builds on the benefits of its object-oriented architecture to offer wire type and conductor modification in the connection table. This means that users will no longer need to make time-intensive individual changes for each instance of a wire in each design sheet. Wires can be added from the parts database into the connection table, and spreadsheet-style modifications are also supported.
Links to MCAD To help strive for right-first-time design Zuken have developed links between E3.series and all major MCAD vendors, enabling the creation of full digital mock-ups. Using the E3.3DRouting Bridge, schematic and connection information from E3.series can be interfaced to all major MCAD systems.